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Pacific Northwest Retirement Planners offers specialized services in the following areas:

Pre-Retirement Planning – PNWRP is uniquely experienced in all facets involved in helping our clients navigate a successful retirement. By the use of data gathering techniques, planning calculators, risk tolerance tools and the application of modern portfolio theories we will prepare specific plans and recommendations for your retirement planning needs and accumulation of assets. 

Financial Planning – PNWRP has the experience, knowledge and tools to provide our clients with the opportunity to maximize investment returns with a level of risk they are comfortable with.

Mid-Career Planning – Projecting future retirement income needs, disability and life insurance needs, and selecting College 529 savings plans are just a few of the valuable financial decisions PNWRP can assist our clients with.

Retirement Income Distributions – One of the most difficult and crucial issues facing many people today is the complex process that will provide them financial security after they retire. PNWRP has experience working with thousands of retirement plan participants and has the unique ability to develop a strategy that works for our clients.

PNWRP will assist you in the ongoing retirement income process that involves three stages:


Data Collection- This stage includes collecting key information. Collection can be done via a short meeting or by completion of a short questionnaire.

Identify Assets- Determine liabilities and sources of income. It is necessary to gather financial information, including investment assets, non-investment assets, liabilities and major income sources.

Establish Goals- Spending and legacy objectives are reviewed and prioritized. Generating income to cover essential expenses should receive priority over discretionary expenses which may have to be adjusted to meet retirement goals.

Review- Insurance, annuities, social security, pension plans and asset allocation.

Develop Projections- In order to minimize the potential for income shortfalls and to increase the probability of spreading assets over your lifetime various assumptions and scenarios must be tested.

What-if Testing- The end result of the analysis is the probability given plan will be successful. If the results are unacceptable, a series of trade-offs may be considered such as delaying retirement, increasing current savings or adjusting asset allocation to name a few considerations.


Agree on plan and initiate implementation – This requires an account(s) to be established and may include assistance with transferring and consolidation of existing accounts.

Establish a withdrawal strategy- Examine and compare different withdrawal strategies which may best fit your retirement lifestyle and needs.


Ongoing monitoring- Includes quarterly performance reporting and an annual review to assess the sustainability of the performance, withdrawal schedule and life events.

Adjustment – Adequate flexibility must be built into the plan to enable midcourse corrections during retirement. It is essential to review and discuss adjustments in the plan and/or lifestyle that may lead to plan success.